I am currently working as consultant on large development projects for customers in the Oslo region. I additionally hold a position of adjunct associate professor at the Norwegian School of IT (NITH).

I received both my masters and PhD from NTNU where I worked with Trond Aalberg. My PhD was about Web-scale extraction of knowledge from structured and unstructured sources.
A free copy of my dissertation can be downloaded here.

My research interests lie in the intersection of information extraction, semantic web and information retrieval. In the autumn of 2014, I am teaching the Big Data course for master students which I am particularly excited about. Big Data has every potential to change the way we use the enormous amount of information being generated nowadays from diverse sources. Big Data can significantly improve the process of decision-making, help minimise risks and uncover the hidden valuable insights that are today difficult to exploit with traditional tools and technologies. You can find me at:

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